Kim Kerry
Creative textiles and weaving

Venue: 02. Kittys Cottage, 40 Belper Lane, Belper DE56 2UQ

I am an experienced textile artist with a variety of skills that have developed over the last 55 years. I especially love crochet and weaving.
Developing an interest in our local heritage and heritage crafts I have spent many months researching a linen focus … which led me to attend a residential course where I processed linen from flax plant to woven fabric. Links with North Mill are quite exciting.
Post retirement from teaching I am enjoying working in schools with staff and children sharing textiles skills. Yarn bombing has also been a great experience… participating in Woollen Woods, Belper Goes Green and this year I am also involved with trees in King Street being decorated for the Arts Festival.
Whilst I will be demonstrating and possibly chatting over the Open Houses Weekend if you would like to know anything or try out skills please make it known. Children are very welcomed, our skills need passing to future generations.… Equipment such as looms, lucets, crochet hooks, spindles, knitting and felting needles will be at hand. Heather Stead and Louise West are also keen to share their skills and knowledge, all of us very much Heritage based.
Working with local farmers and their fleece has developed my understanding of different fleece further AND to work with peg looms …. I said I never would…. Its FUN !
As a group we will also be selling equipment and materials associated with our crafts.
Refreshments will be available throughout the weekend. Please ask one of us a kettle won’t be far away !!
A toilet is for available with a step in and out involved. If you need assistance with disabled parking please let us know in advance.
Thank you for reading, I look forward to saying Hello !

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