Hannah Blavins

Venue: 02. Kittys Cottage, 40 Belper Lane, Belper DE56 2UQ

Hannah is a textile artist who explores ways in which she can use discarded textiles in a bid to keep them out of landfill. From clothes to upholstery samples the more varied the better. Hannah layers the fabrics and uses sewing techniques normally used for mending and quilting to bring them together in one piece of work. She is currently working on a project using discarded CDs and is enjoying the challenge of finding ways to use them in her textile pieces. The project is called, Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs. As a Christian she is inspired by the rich imagery found in the Bible which features heavily in her work as well as her studies on Christian music for her CD project. She creates art, bags, journals and accessories with the fabrics created from the different pieces and attempts to only use hardware that is going to be thrown away to make them. Hannah is passionate about sharing techniques and as well as selling her work will also be doing some demonstrations on the techniques she uses and mending techniques also.
You can find her on Facebook and Instagram by searching @spansstudio

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