Clay Smith
Abstract Paintings.

Venue: 15. 5 Parkside, Belper, DE56 1HY

Clay Smith - New Paintings.

My new paintings that I have made for the Belper Open Houses are partly an exploration of 'mark making', and the discovery of new ways of trying to communicate through abstraction. I have always been attracted to abstract painting, but have always painted either figuratively or as a representation of something or other (that never really felt appropriate for some reason). It is just recently whilst exploring the basics of mark making, that I have come across a way of painting that allows me to be spontaneous, active and quick, using materials such as plaster and oil. Without the mess of 'trying', I can simply just paint. This allows me the freedom to create/make imagery that reflects the mood and emotional environment of myself and of my surroundings.
Clay Smith.

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